Si deseáis saber qué ronda mi cabeza durante las salidas de larga duración, últimamente esto es mi acompañante. Son unas 250 canciones. Preparad las palomitas, oh conocedores de lo musical. Sin el orden del mp3, sino por alfabético o casi (de alguna utilidad más para buscadores):

Título Autor
One For All Modern Warfare
Up Against a Wall Articles
Endless Blockade for Pussyfooter GISM
Ashes to Ashes Neon
Schluters Kabinet Kalashnikov
Time Will Tell Cause for Alarm
No USA Local Disturbance
Honour’s Calling Unwarranted Trust
Mai Arrendersi The Wretched
Drop the Bomb on Me ODFX
Here Come the Cops Afflicted
Inutile Trionfo Declino
Hope You Get Drafted The Dicks
Arms Race BGK
It’s You Crass
Swastika Ratss Upright Citizens
Banana Split Rep False Prophet
Nuclear Attack MOB47
Face Down in the Dirt Offenders
Sbarre Contrazione
So Much Hate SCUM
Viejos Pateticos Los Violadores
Sometimes Deadlock
Will it Ever End PPG
Peace of What Trash
Police Brutality Vicious Circle
Gartlads Pit Condemned to Death
Mon Mi Dire Negazione
America the Beautiful DOA
Snap DRI
Jump Back Porno Patrol
Drop Out Treason
Abortos SHIT SA
Silence Septic Death
Lust for Life Iggy Pop
Young Offender Disrupters
Highway Star Deep Purple
Vamos al Kwai Siniestro Total
Havana Affair Red Hot Chili Peppers
Life of Punishment Cheetah Chrome
No Mai Peggio Punx
An Uneasy Peace Proletariat
Bomb Conflict
Battlefield Iconoclast
Pay for Shit Pandemonium
Kiny Sex (Makes..) Dead Kennedys
Skorbut Boskops
Rats Subhumans
Peace Officer White Lie
Petagone Wargasm
Four More Hours Slaughterhouse 4
Finale The Execute
Reagan Youth Reagan Youth
The Man Goes On Impact
100 Million People Dear Butthole Surfers
Ataque Kangrena
Will Amerika Porcelain Forehead
Contro La Pace… Raf Punk
Moment by Moment Zonzile
Missile Destroyed Civilization MDC
How Cound the Hell Be Any Worse Latch key kids
Uk Soldier Disrupters
Shut Up Madness
Only Gonna Die Bad Religion
Que Tal Homosexual Siniestro Total
No Place for You Disrupters
E Festa Premiata Forneria Marconi
Catholic Boy Channel 3
Mansize Rooster Supergrass
I Believe in Miracles Eddie Vedder Zeke
Baggy Trouses Madness
4 Minute Warning Chaos UK
Losing Battle Adolescents
This is the Angry 7 Seconds
53rd&3rd Metallica
Born Dead Lost Cause
Celebritis Glitter Klinik
Beat on the Brat U2
Legal Weapon Pow pow
Dookie Green Day
Do you Remember Rock’n Roll Radio Kiss
Pony Dress Flesheaters
Pity Bad Religion
Romperlo Todo La Perrera
Rhino 39 J.Alfred
No hay Verdad La Perrera
White Trash 2nd Generation Bad Religion
Weird People Hypnotics
Clenched Fists, Black Eyes 7 Secods
Outsider Green Day
I’m not a Loser Descendents
Tell me Why MIA
Sheena is a Punk Rocker Rancid
Sounds of Slaughter TSOL
Straight Jacket The Adicts
Shattered Faith Reagan Country
I Wanna be Sedated Offspring
Lets go The Adicts
In the City Madness
Working Men are Pissed Minutemen
No Fun Sex Pistols
Sonic Reducer unknown
Here Today, Gone Tomorrow Rooney
Jesus Loves You RF7
Notes&Chords Mean Nothing to me Red Kross
La Hora del Suicidio La Perrera
Daytime Dilemma Eddie Vedder-ZekeBully 7 Seconds
Personality Crisis New York Dolls
Faith George Michael
A Child and His Lawn Mower Dead Kennedys
Azzurro Adriano Celentano
All I Know Rebel Truth
Annihilation Crucifix
Army Song Abbrasive Wheels
ASsasination Attempt Demented Youth
GDMFSOB Bad Posture
I am feeling right Beatles
Honor Justice BGK
Bloodstains Agent Orange
Breakout UXB
Bullet with Butterfly Wings Smashing Pumpkins
City Baby Attacked by Rats The Outcasts
Collapse Ribsy
Corgi Crap The Drones
Cretin Hop Ramones
Dan with the Mellow Hair Naked Lady Wrestlers
Dead Hero The Samples
Dead Men Tell no Tales No Alternative
Dead Porker Nazi Bith and the Jews
Death to Humanyty Riot Clone
Hush Deep Purple
Complete Disorder Disorder
Don’t Conform 5th Column
The Walking Dead Dropkick Murphys
Sox Dropkick Murphys
American Idiot Green Day
El Salvador Capitol Punishment
Fallen Hero Enemy
Falling Decry
Baghdad Stomp False Prophets
Decade of decay False Prophets
El chico con rayos X en los ojos FANTA
Soy un idiota FANTA
Fat, Drunk and Stupid Section 8
I’ve Got my Own Life Wipe Out Skaters
The Disadvantage Fleshies
Sacrifice Flipper
This is a call Foo Fighters
Forming The Germs
Fuck your Amerika 7 Seconds
Waiting Room Fugazi
Fun With Acid Fang
Gangland the Violators
Basket Case Green Day
Gotta Get Out Court Martial
Government Policy The Expelled
Chinese Rocks Johnny Thunders Heartbreakers
Hobby for a DayThe Wall
Holocaust MAD
How Much Longer Alternative TV
Human Farm Whipping Boy
I Dont Wanna Die for my Country Square Cools
La Balada de Willy Thompson Wipe Out Skaters
I hate Shool Suburban Studs
In Britain Red Alert
Intensified Chaos Intensified Chaos
I’ve Got a Gun Channel 3
Kick Out the Tories The Newtown Neurotics
Kill the Poor Dead Kennedys
I Wanna be a Drug Lard
Volcanus 2000 Lard
Learning Process Pariah
Fly Away Lenny Kravitz
Libian Hit Squad Tongue Avulsion
London Bouncers Action Pact
Pay Salvation Los Olvidados
Love Song The Damned
One Step Beyond Madness
Mania GBH
Murder in a Fore MIA
New Left MIA
You REally Got Me The Kinks
Freshman Mustard Plug
No More Riots Bent Nails
No One Listens Vengeance
Off to War Maniax
Alpine Skiing Pansy Division
Blurry Down Below Pansy Division
Banned from the Pubs Peter and the Test Tube babies
Police State UK Subs
Police Story The Partisans
Praise the Lord & Pass the Ammunition Impatient Youth
Premature Enlistment Free Beer
Punk is an Attitude Wrecks
Race War Unaware
Reagum Lennonburger
Rich Plastic People Killjoy
Richard Hung Himself DI
Running withthe Youth Total Chaos
S&M Nightmare Juvenile Justice
Sacrifica Flipper
Salty Leather Aggression
Scare Domino Theory
I Wanna be Me Sex Pistols
Bodies Sex Pistols
EMI Sex Pistols
New York Sex Pistols
Shellshock Erazerhead
Shitcan Scapegoats
Shrunken Heads Ghost Dance
SLT Urban Assault
Their Mistakes Social Unrest
Someone’s Gonna Die Blitz
Stab the Judge One Way System
Strike Out Vicious Circle
Summer of 81 The Violators
Systms suck Deadly Reign
Viva la Revolution The Adicts
The Few, The Proud, the Dead Karnage
The Masque The Dark
The Only Good Cop… Millions of Dead Cops
The Oven is my Friend Church Police
Gangsters The Specials
Welcome TV The Beatnigs
Rich Daddy The Dicks
Cum Twat The Mentally Ill
Slave to my dick The Subhumans
Their Mistakes Social Unrest
Thunderstruck ACDC
Turmoil Frigidettes
Child in the Sun Turn Me on Dead Man
Vertigo U2
Sweet Symphony The Verve
Last Rockers Vice Squad
What Price Will You Pay The Honor Code
Woman in Disguise Angelic Upstarts
Worker Bee Angst
Where are we running Lenny Kravitz