He encontrado que el International Journal of Exercise Studies publica en wikicommons así que un rastreo rápido es conveniente. El pdf del Volumen 4, Issue 2, contiene un artículo siempre curioso de leer sobre ritmos en maratón y variabilidad entre corredores más rápidos y más lentos. Los finishers más lentos tienen una mayor variabilidad estadística que los rápidos.

A Description of Variability of Pacing in Marathon Distance Running
Tom Haney Jr., University of Nevada, Las Vegas
John Mercer Dr., University of Nevada, Las Vegas

The purpose of this study was twofold: 1) to describe variability of pacing during a marathon and 2) to determine if there is a relationship between variability of pacing and marathon performance. Publically available personal global positioning system profiles from two marathons (Race 1 n = 116, Race 2 n = 169) were downloaded (http://connect.garmin.com) for analysis. The coefficient of variation of velocity (Velcov) was calculated for each profile. Each profile was categorized as finishing in under 3.9 hours, between 3.9 and 4.6 hours, or longer than 4.6 hours. Linear and quadratic lines of best fit were computed to describe the relationship between marathon finish time and Velcov. A 2 (Race) x 3 (bin) analysis of variance (ANOVA) was used to compare the dependent variable (Velcov) between races and the marathon bin finish times. Velcov was not influenced by the interaction of finish time bin and Race (p>0.05) and was not different between races (Race 1: 16.6 ± 6.4%, Race 2: 16.8 ± 6.6%, p>0.05). Velcov was different between finish time categories (p<0.05) for each race such that Velcov was lower for faster finish times. Using combined data from both races, linear (marathon finish time = marathon finish time = 0.09Velcov + 2.9, R^2 = 0.46) and quadratic (marathon finish time = -0.0006 Velcov 2 + 0.11 Velcov + 2.7, R^2 = 0.46) lines of best fit were significant (p<0.05). Slower marathon finishers had greater variability of pace compared to faster marathoner finishers.
Recommended Citation
Haney, Tom Jr. and Mercer, John Dr. (2011) "A Description of Variability of Pacing in Marathon Distance Running," International Journal of Exercise Science: Vol. 4: Iss. 2, Article 6.
Available at: http://digitalcommons.wku.edu/ijes/vol4/iss2/6

El PDF entero aquí.